About Us

Welcome to Vintage Auto Repair . Based in West Sussex, Fletcher Gillett and team undertake welding and restoration on all types of classic cars, but primarily Volkswagen campers.

Having recently spent many months writing Haynes’ Volkwagen Bay Restoration Manual published in April 2014,  Fletcher is now back at the workshop getting customers’ much loved vehicles back on the road looking their best.

Manual is available now at Amazon

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A bit from Fletcher …

As you can probably tell the main enthusiasm here is for VW campers, I love being involved with these vehicles and meeting their owners, enabling the vans to be used everyday and reliably. My own van is a well travelled ‘72 Devon which has been gradually restored over many years.

Knowing the process involved, I am willing to discuss restorations which can be tackled in stages – as major project costs can be quite daunting. This is often the best way of approaching the restoration of a van, and one that I am more than familiar with.

All replacement parts that are sourced are researched to get the best price, (like I would do for my own van) – I don’t believe in charging too much for parts, and time goes into looking for just the right thing for your situation and budget.

I want you to be delighted with the standard of work I offer, but more importantly to feel comfortable asking questions and knowing what’s going on, what it will cost, and to know that you can chat through any issues on an ongoing basis.

This is why so many clients continue to come back time and time again.

Inspection Service

I can also offer a helping hand to those who are looking to buy an older van for the first time. Buying your first van can be a daunting experience and having someone along who knows what to look for is invaluable.  I am happy to assist in checking out a prospective new van for a set fee. This could really save £££s

Free Quotes

I live in Brighton, East Sussex , and the workshop is based in Kirdford, West Sussex so its not a problem to view customers vans across the South East region to provide a free estimate of the overall cost of having work done . You can reach me through the ‘contact us’ section to discuss MOT work / failures, bodywork, resprays, mechanical issues, servicing, (either routine or before a trip) and anything else concerning your vehicle.

I am already getting booked up as people want their vans ready for trips in the summer – send me an email or call / text to arrange a time or tell me a bit about what you have in mind for your van.